HCG Injections: Worth a Try for Weight Loss Or Not? Find Out Now! [2020]

HCG Injections for weight loss are the latest way to reduce body weight with the help of these pharmaceutical grade substance which won’t end up by wasting your money.

Nu Image Medical HCG Diet Injections

For weight loss, the health market is opening many options currently to the users which seems to work pretty fast for weight loss.

What Is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone which is formed in women during pregnancy.

The pharmaceutical upgrade of this hormone comes in such a way which cause weight loss in the users.

Men and women around the world are getting enrolled in the HCG weight loss programs it provides an effective and affordable way to lose weight.  

There both homeopathic and pharmaceutical versions available of HCG drops and injections but what FDA approved are the pharmaceutical versions only.

The homeopathic HCG preparations may be risk-free but they are incapable of treating weight gain.

HCG medications are available upon doctor’s prescription only and this is why the homeopathic version is withdrawn from the market.

HCG Injections Vs HCG Homeopathic Drops – Which One is Effective?

HCG drops are banned by the FDA since 2011, one of their states in which they warned manufacturers, retailers, and users, to avoid the use of homeopathic HCG drops.

hcg Injections

In this regard, other authorities like the Federal Trade Commission are working side by side to remove these products from the market.

HCG injections are deemed safe for their results and safety criteria which lies under the safer hands such as doctors and physicians.

How HCG Injections Works?

HCG Injections are taken with the strict calorie consumption per day which is 500.

hcg injections for weight loss

When this hormone is injected in your body, it fastens up the energy generation process which pushes the stored fats to burn as energy.

As soon as the stored fat is metabolized, you will get high energy levels which makes you work out harder unless you get a leaner and slimmer body.

HCG shots are not thing things you should mess with, users will need to adopt the foods from the hCG diet food list as well.

What do HCG Injections do?

HCG Injections are designed to deliver the following effects in the individuals:

  • Suppression of excessive food cravings
  • Fat cells oxidation
  • Enhance the metabolic process
  • Remove the fat cells from extreme locations
  • Induce mental relaxation

Where to Purchase HCG Injections?

There are many options available where you can get the HCG Injections but we are discussing the cheapest and most trusted HCG preparations here.

You know it very well the health market is saturated with so many fake products which only aims towards earning from your hard-earned cash.

Let us simplify this decision-making process here and give you the best HCG Injections available online.

Nu Image Medical is offering the best professional consultation which will cost you around $3,000 at the hospital.

How about $300 instead of $3k?

NU Image Medical is the FDA approved US-based program which offers HCG injections to men and women for weight loss.

hcg diet for weight loss

people from any region of the world can get their HCG injections at a very fair price and there are no questions about its safety since it has been used by thousands of people who got extremely satisfying results.

About Nu Image Medical and Prescription HCG Injections

NU Image Medical is a reputable name in the medical world, the company provides a brief range of health supplements such as HCG Injections with professional guidance.

NU Image Medical was established in 2004 where they first time launched Telemedicine, a quick and convenient way of communication between doctor and patient.

This way allows the users or clients to get in connection with the doctors any time of the day so they can answer queries about taking HCG Injections.

Nu Image Medical Offers

hCG weight loss shots with 2 different packages:

  • 4-Week hCG Kit for $225-259
  • 6_Week hCG Kit for $340-399
  • Complete package is also available which comprises hCG diet list, mixing solution injections and syringes for every shot.
  • They deal with real potent Pharmaceutical hCG

About the first two offers, the 26-day program is known for making the customers lose about 15 lbs in total.

Whereas, the 6-week plan of 46 days in which Nu Image Medical make sure you lose more than 15lbs at the end of the session.

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Unlike the unsophisticated and unreal programs, Nu Image Medical offers effective hCG injection for weight loss.

Users are also advised to be on a low-calorie diet which helps them retain the lean mass and reduce fats.

How to Use hCG Injections?

Taking hCG injections is way too much easy for an adult male or female who doesn’t have a phobia with the needles.

Note, you have to replace the injection regularly just to ensure health safety.

Here is how you should use hCG injection shots:

  1. After getting sanitized, wipe the skin area with the alcohol pad. Take the vile of hCH hormone and injection.
  2. Turn the vile upside down just to ensure mixing, insert the needle and take the hCG shot into the syringe
  3. Make sure the syringe has no air to avoid the pain at the area
  4. Insert the syringe into the pinched area where you decided to inject, the syringe will be put from 45-90-degree angle. Softly, pull back the plunger and insert the injection material right away.
  5. Remove the needle and discard it, note if there are any traces of blood
  6. Wait for the area to dry
  7. Next time, use the sterile and new syringe
HCG Injections Mixing Instructions

Into the vile, you have to insert 5 ml of bacteriostatic water because the hCG content is available in powder form.

Upon mixing, you will get a proper solution which is about to be injected.

After injection, if feeling tender then ice the affected area for only 10 minutes.

HCG Injection Dosage

The best time to take hCG injections is in the morning.

After diluting the vial powder, users should fill their syringe up to 17 mark which is the once-daily dosage.

Final Thoughts

Improving and maintaining our physical structure is something we are devoted to for a long time.

In a society where you need to be presentable and healthy, this demands some crucial but important management of extra body weight.

Nu Image Medical may sound harsh since it deals with the hCG injections, but it surely is an effective way to lose weight faster.

nu image medical hcg diet injections for weight loss

This method offered by Nu Image is tested and approved by the FDA where most users have gotten the desired outcomes.

Nu Image Medical provides legitimate hCG Injections which allows the user to be in shape in a matter of 25-46 days.

This practice was although established about 10 years ago the latest upgrade in hCG Injections makes it even more viable now.


Q1: What HCG Injection contain?

A: HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone found in both men and women. It is however secreted in women’s body during pregnancy.

Q2: How HCG works for weight loss?

A: The main function of HCG is to release the fat tissue into the bloodstream and thereby increasing the energy level. This also affects the appetite which is reduced greatly after taking HCG injection.

According to several studies, HCG helps to remove the intramuscular fat and fats around the organs or in blood vessels. This can be a gateway choice for patients with hyperlipidemia.

Q3: Is dieting important with hCG injections?

A: During hCG injections, users are only allowed to consume 500 calories meal per day.

When your body gets this much of calories, it will automatically signal the release of accumulated fats which is formed after years of eating.

These fat tissues will migrate from the organ to the blood where it plays the generator of energy.

Q4: Are homeopathic hCG injections banned by the FDA?

A: in 2011, the FDA banned the selling of homeopathic HCG injections which can be lethal to human physical and mental health.

Q5: How to sign up to Nu Image Medical?

A: It’s easy, visit their official webpage and make an account right away.

After this, you will be interviewed by the health care professionals on telephone or video call where they will see if you this HCG shots for weight loss.